ADAM JOAN Movie Review

ADAM JOAN Movie Review

Director: Jinu V Abraham
Producer: Renji Panicker, Brijeesh Mohammed, Josemon Simon, Nihal AbdulKhader
Written By: Jinu V Abraham
Music: Deepak Dev
Cast: Prithviraj, Narain, Rahul Madhav, Mishti, Bhavana, Jaya Menon, Lena
Release Date: 1st September 2017


The movie narrates the story of Adam Joan Pothen (Prithviraj) and his relationship with his daughter.

Critical Reception:

There is an anticipation when a Prithviraj movie hits the theatres, as he brings good gripping stories and characters that makes the audience applause. This time , it meets all the expectations. “Emotionally Gripping”. I can say about this movie. Prithviraj’s performance was brilliant throughout the movie. The supporting cast did their roles nicely.

Another main highlight of the movie  is its locations, and the cinematography to capture the each sequences beautifully. The debutante actress Mishti , even though a small role did a nice job. I felt each character has been given equal importance in the movie as apt to its scenes. Overall, a nice entertainer that emotionally satisfies the audience!


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