Logan was clearly an awaited movie by a lot of people including myself and so I had to grab a chair in that movie theater for the very first show in this entire planet! And I didn’t regret it at all by the end of the movie. With more than 8 stars in IMDB and more than 90 in Rotten Tomatoes backing up my review.

Hugh Jackman did what he does the best, be wolverine. He is portrayed as a weak old man in this sequel. And you’ll understand why at the end of the movie. This movie also shows another character, his daughter, named Laura, just like him with metal claws, clenched fists and teeth grinding. In a way, it’s double the action. Watch out for a couple of scenes where his claws pierces couple of skulls of some mercenaries. And oh, don’t wait till the end of credits for there won’t be any scenes following it. And that’s the only part where I was negligibly disappointed. So what’s the wait for, go get em tickets already you lazy couch potato.


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