Malayalam Cinema Shines in 65th National Awards

Malayalam Cinema 65th National Awards

Today, 65th National Awards  creates a shining landmark for Malayalam Cinema as they bag some exceptional awards under the belt, especially Dileesh Pothan’s Thondimuthalum Drikshashiyum wins Best Malayalam Movie. This is the second instance that he wins National Award recognition after his first hit Maheshinte Prathikaram.

The movie bagged some awards too for Best Screenplay by Sajeev Pazhoor & Fahad Fazil’s Performance that earned him Best Supporting Actor. The jury praised both of them for its screenplay and performance respectively.

Take Off is another movie that got mention for Special Jury Award to actress Parvathy for her role as Sameera and for Best Production Design by Santhosh Rajan

The jury applauded for its screenplay and actor’s performances.

Here are the list of awards for Malayalam Cinema @65th National Awards.

  • Best Malayalam Movie: Thondimuthalum Drikshashiyum
  • Best Screenplay : Sajeev Pazhoor ( Movie: Thondimuthalum Drikshashiyum)
  • Best Adapted Screenplay : Jayaraj (Movie:Bhayanakam)
  • Best Director: Jayaraj  (Movie:Bhayanakam)
  • Best Supporting Actor: Fahad Fazil ( Movie: Thondimuthalum Drikshashiyum)
  • Special Jury Mention: Parvathy (Movie: Take Off)
  • Best Production Design: Santhosh Rajan (Movie: Take Off)
  • Best Cinematography: (Movie:Bhayanakam)
  • Best Singer: K.J Yesudas (Song :”Poy Maranja Kalam” in the movie Viswasapoorvam Mansoor.)

The filmmaker, Shekhar Kapur announced the awards and he praised the regional movies that made an impact in Indian Cinema.


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