Maverick, The Top Gun sequel with Tom Cruise ?


Drum rolls ! After 32 years since the first one, Top gun 2 is happening. There were rumors of it happening for a while now but now, can be confirmed by this photo (Down) uploaded on Cruise’s official Instagram and twitter account with being titled as Day 1. Tom cruise is new on instagram and made one for reasons such as free advertising and free advertising. His first upload on insta was a picture of fallout (Which I seriously can’t wait anymore). Fallout will be coming out on July 27 of this year. Plot of Top gun is unknown as of now. It is directed by Joseph Kosinski who is known for Tron Legacy and Oblivion.

The movie is set to come out on July of next year. Who can wait that long! Along with Tom, Val Kilmer will be co-starring. The movie will include unmanned lethal aircrafts, an era of drones. And I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be almost a copy of the movie Stealth (2005). So do you feel the need?


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