Red Sparrow Movie Review 2018

Direction: Francis Lawrence
Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton, Matthias Schoenaerts, Charlotte Rampling, Mary-Louise Parker, Jeremy Irons
Music: James Newton Howard
Cinematographer: Jo Willems
Editor: Alan Edward Bell
Genre: Mystery, Thriller


Prima Danseur Dominika (Jennifer Lawrence), a spy, confronts her fate following an injury which jeopardises her career in the field. The events that happens post that manifests the essence of the story.

Critical Reception:

If you are searching for another ‘Bourne’ or an ‘Ethan Hunt’, this is certainly not your motion picture to go for. It’s something you call a slow burn, with its own style and character. Red sparrow takes its sweet time to unfold and engage in action, but they have done it magnificently. With an open mind, Red Sparrow will surely engage you in the some satisfaction. All the events in the movie unravel itself smoothly and does not make the audience beg for another chapter in the movie. The screenplay, by Justin Haythe, might have been great laid flawlessly for twists and turns. And the characters were greatly carved out to suit the characters in the movie.

The director, Francis Lawrence, has carved out a movie which satisfies the minds looking for an intense thriller movie. The movie does contain ‘bloody’ scenes, but what can one expect when it is all happening in Russia ? Go for it !


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