SACHIN: A BILLION DREAMS, A Great Innings Movie Review


Director: James Erskine
Produced By: Ravi Bhagchandka,  Carnival Motion Pictures
Written By:  James Erskine, Sivakumar Ananth
Music: A.R Rahman
Release Date: 26 May 2017 (India), 25 May 2017 (UAE)


As the title tells , it says the story of a living legend , cricket icon who won the hearts of billions all over the world -Sachin Tendulkar . A tale of a restless 10-year-old boy and his journey from watching India’s first World Cup winning skipper Kapil Dev lift the trophy, to the fulfillment of his dream of holding it in his hands for India.  The film captures Tendulkar’s dedication to cricket and his personal life in dramatic detail, as well as reveals aspects of his life which have never been heard or seen before.

Critical Reception:

The film received positive reviews from critics, as it says about the great icon. As Sachin narrates himself , it gives a beauty to the movie, and it doesn’t feel its a biographic drama, he tells as his life story. What’s more I can say about him, he is a living legend in the hearts of Indians and the world ,as a proud icon. If you are a Sachin fan you must not miss this !


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