So the new Fast and Furious movie got out last week. I just had to see it. I have to be honest I am not that into when it comes to exaggerated, surreal action scenes and over doing things, because some of us are very much into legit realistic feasible stunts and scenes. When it comes to this movie, there’s only one thing that comes into mind and that is action, action and some comedy by Tyrese and Luda. And they did their part. I laughed a couple of times watching it. They also added a new character into the movie named as “Little Nobody” played by Scott Eastwood (Son of a very famous movie star, Clint Eastwood). Don’t know if he is planning to stick around for any further possible sequels after this one. But the deal about this movie for me goes like I grew up pretty much watching Fast and Furious sequels and it has become a traditional thing. It just sits there in my mind until I go watch it. I even pushed my roommate to come and watch it with me.

Now about the movie, it is filled with action scenes, pretty much right from the start till the very end of it. Movie starts off with Dom Toretto racing against this typical thug, for a car ( Can’t be anything less than that). Don’t worry I am not going to address any further details. Story wise it’s pretty much alright. Nothing out of the unusual. But it’s a thriller. Less talking and more doing. I just love seeing all of them together. It’s like a family and you might even relate it to yours. Even though it was lengthy I never felt it. So if you’re planning to watch it, I could say you wouldn’t disappointed. And that I can honestly say that they put a LOT of work into this movie, like a LOT! And also, one thing I just feel obliged to remind you would be, to drive safe after watching it.


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