The Great Father Movie Review

The Great Father Movie Review

Director: Haneef Adeni
Producer: August Cinemas
Cast: Mammootty, Arya, Sneha, Mia George, Baby Anikha.. etc
Written By: Haneef Adeni
Music: Gopi Sunder
Release Date: 30 March 2017


David Ninan ( Mammootty) is a successful businessman leading a happy family life with his wife Michelle (Sneha) and his daughter Sara ( Baby Anikha) . Certain unexpected incidents affects his family and its subsequent events evolve forms the crux of the story.

Critical Reception:

The movie received mixed reviews from critics. Mammootty’s on screen presence & his style as David Ninan is amazing. Another mention is Arya , one of the Kollywood superstars .He also did a brilliant supporting role in the movie. The supporting cast did their job beautifully, especially the kid Baby Anikha. The technical aspects is also to be said great in this movie.

The first half of the movie is engaging. But, the second half goes in a very slow pace even though the plot and the issues shown in the movie is relevant.& this slowness of the movie can make the viewers bit annoying and can be a enjoy spoiler too..!!


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