Vikramadithyan Movie Review 2014


Director: Lal Jose

Produced By: L J Films

Cast: Dulquer Salman, Unni Mukundan, Namitha Pramod, Anoop Menon, Lena….etc

Music : Bijibal

Genre: Drama/Romance


Vikram Shenoy (Unni Mukundan) & Adithya Menon (Dulquer Salman) are childhood friends .They live in perfect harmony and friendship. Enters a girl Deepika (Namitha Pramod) who enters into their lives and unravels a twist.

Critical Reception:

Vikramadithyan received mixed reviews from critics. The film praised ┬áthe Lal Jose’s touch as of his previous movies. The cast did a commentable job in doing their roles. If you wish to go for a good family entertainer, this movie is a good option.. Go for it…!!

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